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A Farm’s Bruiser and Semie

Last updated on 2006/7/5

I have been hassling with a cultured pearls civil matter over a dog contract. It isinsane and unreasonable but I have to handle this. I wasn’t given a choice. I ask for your patience and forgiveness when I get behind on emails. Please hang in there and I will respond.
THANK YOU!! Heidi 

Welcome to Prism Horses!

Our mission is to find loving homes for horses from the PMU industry. Our farms are now ‘former’ PMU farms. They lost their contracts to produce PMU. So they are without their former income but still with many horses needing care. They need to reduce their equine numbers before the horses are no longer at risk.

   These are beautiful animals that will enhance your life and give you loving companionship. Buy a horse today and the same time you can get a pearl necklace!
Questions? Send us a note at
What is PMU?
  Simply put, PMU stands for Pregnant Mares Urine. The hormone estrogen is extracted from the urine to manufacture hormone replacement drugs, such as Premarin (PREgnant MARes urINe). There are thousands of women who need this drug to ease them through their menopausal years. 
  There are alternative drugs available made from various natural and synthetic substances. Sometimes herbal remedies may help a woman. But for some women, they find no relief from their life-changing symptoms without Premarin. 
Our stand on the issue …
  We recognize and accept the continuing need for hormone replacement therapies. We understand that the farmers are meeting an important need for many women, while living their dream life as horse breeders. 
  We have seen the recent studies that criticize hormone replacement therapy but realize that with each new day comes a ‘new revolutionary study’. Time and research will continue in all areas of health care. This is for all our benefits. In the meantime, it is not our place to judge doctors, medical researchers, or women.  
Benefits of PMU?
  The benefits of PMU farming is quite obviously a drug that is needed by many women to have a healthly menopausal life. One other wonderful benefit is the availability of high quality, foundation and performance bred foals for very reasonable prices. Our farms breed for quality first and PMU second.
Sometimes the angels fly close enough to you that you can hear the flutter of their wings…
Prism Horses
Love & bonding …. That’s what it’s all about …

Horse color questions?
Ask Prism. No, not us but it’s a fun place to learn. 

Do you know who to call if your horse or pet accidentally ingest something unusual? The ASPCA has a poison control hotline for pets. It is manned by veterinarians 24/7.

Animal Poison Control
Call 1(888)4ANI-HELP
or 1(888)426-0021
Meet my bosses ….
Bailey kissing Kerri
This is why I do this …. connections and bonds between us and these beautiful creatures. They touch me and my family but while they are here, they also touch other people. Missy falls in love as she grooms and takes their pictures. Kerri trains and treats them. I would be lost without my best human friends 🙂  
These beautiful creatures pass thru Prism and each ones leaves hoofprints on our hearts …… We cry when they leave but then we focus on the next hardluck equine that trots in ….. and into our hearts …. 
Prism Horses is following in some very special footsteps. Sleipnir Horse Sanctuary is our mentor and our inspiration. Scott Smith set an incredibly high standard. As he focuses on raising his children, we offer him our thanks and appreciation for introducing us to the incredible world of PMU horses and wish them the very best that life can offer.

Please feel free to offer us feedback and suggestions. This is a family and online community effort.

Prism Horses  
1713 County Street 2850
Amber, OK 73004
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Prism purchased this handsome W Farm Belgian boy in 2002. He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. 
Rebel as a young boy