Available Horses

Most of these horses are unhandled. A few will be halter trained and even more rare, one may have saddle training. We do not usually have child proof – bomb proof – husband safe horses. We seek homes for young unhandled horses, so please be confident of your abilities to handle such a horse.


Prism’s thought’s on ‘trained horses’ …

30 days of training is not enough training for most horses, depending on the abilities of the rider. When the horse goes home from the trainers, they should be riddenfrequently to secure their knowledge and not be turned out to pasture without continuing to be worked.


We have found that 60-90 days of training is better for most horses. It is a good beginning.


Most horses are used only on the weekends and sometimes only a few times a month. This is not an adequate education for a ‘green’ horse. Young horses may need regular refresher courses, depending on their use at home.


Browse By Location …

We have sorted the farms by location to assist you with travel plans. The available breeds are listed as well.


Prism’sFoster Horses Amber, Oklahoma All our adoptable horses have found homes. 
A Farms

owned by the Frame families

Lancaster, MN

A Farm Reference Sires

Quarter Horses (AQHA)

Paints (APHA)


Spotted Drafts

A Farm AQHA & APHA 2007 Foals

A Farm AQHA & APHA Mature Horses

A Farm Appaloosa Horses

B Farm

owned by the Buchweitz family


Munich, ND

B Farm Reference Sires


Quarter Horses

Arabian-Paint cross

B Farm 2008 Foals

B Farm Mature Horses

R Farm

owned by the Rothwell family

Miami, Manitoba, Canada Paints (APHA)

Quarter Horses (AQHA)


Quarter Horses & Paints at the Rocking R Ranch
Flying X Ranch Kennedy, Saskatchewan


Quarter Horses, Draft Crosses Flyin X Ranch website
MH Ranch

owned by the Holte family


Gatzke, MN Pintabians


Holte Pintabians
Cloverleaf Paints

Owned by the Makovec family


Stratford, Wisconsin




Cloverleaf Paints farm website
Connie’s Horses

owned by Connie Jackson


Early Branch, SC Variety Connie’s horses
OR Ranch

owned by Jerry & Tracey Frame

Lancaster, MN Pintabians Oak Ridge Ranch