The Horses of Prism
This page is purely for us to show off and brag about our babies. We are very proud of the critters who share our home. They may not be the best bred or fanciest but we love them dearly. And they give us the most incredible unconditional love.

Izzy’s Page

Smoky Midnight aka Sox
Born May 2nd, 2004
Dam is S11M – 1/2 Belgian and 1/2 QH
Sire is 15.2 hh BW overo
This boy has a unique star, 4 unique high white socks, a white mark on his L shoulder and another on his R hip.
 We helped this boy arrive and he has been busy ever since. At 36 hours old, he was running, bucking and practicing dressage. OK, he was doing a piaffe trying to reach his Mom’s muzzle but it was gorgeous and balanced. So far he is the most active of the foals. He is very curious and accepting of humans.
June 2006
Annabelle with Sox n Sunny

Sox is a handsome, growing boy with a sweet personality. He loves to be your friend and will follow you asking to be petted. He is very calm. He stands nicely for the farrier. He is easy for our children to handle so he should make an excellent youth prospect.

His sire is a 15.2 hh black overo Paint stallion. His dam was a Belgian cross mare. We expect Sox to mature out over 15 hh and he could easily push 16 hh or more.

Ladybug is a sweetheart with calm ground manners. She stands like an angel for the farrier. Her sire and dam are tall so we expect her to mature out about 15.2 or 15.3 hh.
She has been handled by our 10 yr old daughter without any problems. We feel this would make her an excellent 4H or youth show prospect. She has the looks and conformation to go far.
1997 pony mare
In foal for 2007
Razz is our newest addition. She came from an auction and a horse trader. She has trust issues but her soft eye is what convinced us she needed another chance. She is trained under saddle but has horrible scars on the corners of her mouth from a bit. She also arrived skinny, with saddle sores and numerous scrapes and cuts. She is progressing and we have high hopes for her future.  
Reserved for future RazzMaTazz pics …
Baby pic
2005 Twin Valley Ranch grey/white spotted draft filly
Sire is an APHA stallion
Dam is a reg. Belgian mare
Goldie is a lovely spotted draft filly. She is halter trained, leads, ties and loads. She is a mellow girl with plenty of energy. She is going to be a big, stout girl.    
Goldie was born palomino and white. She is now gray and white which looks really cool on her. She came named but we have considered changing her name to reflect her new color and her fresh start at Prism. She started out as a foster horse for sale but let’s face it, we hope she stays with us forever.  
April 2006
1994 mini gelding (39 inches) 
Sorrel/white overo
We bought Beanie Jan 21, 2002 from a local man who picked him up at auction. Beanie was still working off his Coggins from BoBo’s Horse barn in AL. He apparently changed hands multiple times from AL to OK. With us he found a forever home.
Beanie belongs heart & soul to our youngest daughter Annabelle. He walks right up to her but feels the rest of us, by virtue of being taller than he, are suspicious. I have to walk in a crouch and weedle to catch the little man.
Beanie is courageous and brave. He waltzed up to an 18 hh Belgian and swiped his hay. That was a dynamic move on his part. And dynamite on the part of the Belgian who freaked out. 
Beanie enjoys carrots, apples, horse treats, milkbones and dog food. Basically he will eat anything he can chew up. He is an escape artist. He is a comedian. He’s a hoot 🙂
Beanie training the new kids (Fall 2002)
Faith, Rebel & Beanie
Beanie is healing from cancer surgery (Oct. 2006). He had squamous cell carcinoma on his left eye. The vet tried to preserve the eye but after removing the cancer it was obvious that the eyeball was going to have to be removed. This was brutal but necessary to save his life.
Beanie is recovering beautifully. They sewed the skin shut so it looks as though he is winking at us. He has a tiny opening that is still draining but soon it will be barely noticable.
His personality never slowed down for cancer. He still rules the herd of young horses. Beanie is eagerly awaiting the birth of Razz’s foal. He loves to have someone close to his size to rowdy around with. I’m not sure how a pony’s mind works but I feel certain that in his heart, she is expecting his foal though she arrived 3-4 months pregnant 🙂
Oil Kings Sunny
Born May 10, 2003
APHA #811340
Sunny was the first PMU foal we bought from Prism. My oldest daughter chose Sunny as her horse. Sunny is a registered Paint from the B Farm. She isn’t a big girl in height but she sure makes up for it in personality.
More Sunny pics … 
Faith was our first PMU foal. We chose her in September 2002. She has a unique blaze which made her less desirable for a team hitch. For us … it made her extra special as no other horse looks like her.
She and Rebel arrived in November 2002 on a cold, blustery day. Their trip had been plagued with mechanical chaos so it took them almost two weeks to travel from South Dakota to Florida, tour the Gulf coast into Texas then north into Oklahoma. I was concerned but they arrived healthy and happy.
Faith had an ear tag that was infected but a brief course of antibiotics cleared that up. She has enjoyed excellent health since then. The hole from the ear tag healed up and if I hadn’t told you about it, you wouldn’t know it was ever there 🙂
Faith is a gorgeous modern Belgian mare. She has a unique white blaze and white hind socks. Her mane & tail are flaxen colored and very long. Her forelock & mane are romantically wavy. Her mane goes past her shoulder.
*Update 12-06 – Faith has gone to live at Harpole Farms She is to be a playmate and riding mount for the four Sander’s daughters. Plus she is going to be a recipient mare. We are very excited about Faith’s future. 

  Rebel is a 2002 Belgian gelding from the W Farm. He was our second PMU foal. We had looked and pondered but kept passing him over.
  You see Rebel was born blonde 🙂 Pale fuzzy blonde. Now we don’t object to blondes, one of our children was even born blonde, LOL. But we didn’t want a blonde Belgian.
  Updated pics were posted and in minutes, we knew we did want that funny little colt. He had shed his foal fuzz for a brilliant red coat. He is gorgeous. And he has the longest eyelashes … Makes all us girls jealous 🙂
   Rebel is curious, calm and spoiled. He is the first to ask for a scratch. Then he asks again and again and again. He loves puttering on the farm doing chores with my husband. They have had wonderful, memorable times doing various repairs.
  Once Rebel rubbed too hard on the faucet so Rob had to dig it up to change it out. Well, Rebel was right there the whole time offering his assistance. He carried tools across the barnyard out of Dad’s reach. He nibbled the nuts, bolts and gravel for the hole. Then he found he could tilt Rob’s big work mug and slurp his iced tea off of the lid. That nearly got him fired!
Me n Rebel (March 2006)
Rebel September 2005
Rebel is a handsome 2002 Belgian gelding standing about 17.1 hh. He is a rich red in the fall with a white star & snip. He has a flaxen mane & tail.
Rebel is a gentle giant. He leads, ties and loads. He will wear a bridle or saddle & accepts a rider. Rebel stands nicely for the farrier.
*Update 12-06 – Rebel has moved to Texas to become a trail horse. He is now the best buddy to Eddy who plans on riding Rebel on the miles of LBJ trails. We are so pleased that Rebel has such a loving home.