Please read this entire page before submitting a purchase application.
* Prism places foals and horses year round. We have no ‘cut off dates.’ We will stay busy until the last horse finds a home.
Purchase Process for Prism Horses
Updated and in effect as of January 1, 2008
1. Download a Purchase Application and a Liability Release. See table below.
2. Fill both forms out completely and return by mail with your NONREFUNDABLE payment of $100.00/per foal/horse by Cashiers check/Money Order or thru Paypal to Horse will NOT be marked as ‘Reserved’ until all paperwork has been received and is in order.
  This is $75 down payment and $25 Prism Purchase Fee per horse. As expenses are covered, any excess monies from fees goes into our PMU Fund to cover the care of special needs horses, foster horses or the purchase of more horses for adopters.
  IF your 1st choice horse is already taken, we will apply your funds to your 2nd choice horse. If you have no other choices, we will return your funds. 
3. Once approved, we will mail you two copies of your Purchase Contract. You will have 15 business days to return one copy of your signed Purchase Agreement to us, with full payment minus your deposit. All payments must be sent with a tracking number. We are NOT responsible for lost mail. If we do not receive your payment and do not have a tracking number in our possession, the horse will be posted as available and your deposit will be forfeited.
4. Payments/Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. This ensures that you are very certain of your decision.
5. There will be a $100 charge for switching horse choices after the contract has been done. Switching lessens the chance of the horse finding a home and creates extra work. You can add a horse without penalty.
6. Once all funds are received, your foal/horse will be marked as ‘Sold’

Terms of Purchase Agreement
~ We will provide the proper vet work for shipping and a negative Coggins test.
~ Horse must be paid for within 3 weeks of contract date for appropriate health tests to be done in preparation of travel. Please advise Prism of potential departure date as soon as possible.
~ Purchasers have the option to pick up their horse or arrange transportation. For those purchasers choosing to pick up their horses themselves, we offer the following guidelines.
* Trailers must be adequately enclosed to ensure the security and safety of the foal/horse should the animal panic during shipment.
* Trailer must be adequately sized to have extra room/stall for the foal /horse to move about during transit. This is for the comfort of the horse and helps prevent swelling of the legs.
* Trailers must be at least a two horse size and we prefer larger trailers. This ensures the horse will have adequate room for traveling. Box stall type trailers are preferred. It is not a luxury to be able to shift your position.
* We do not prohibit slant load or tie stall trailers but most of Prism’s horses have only been hauled in large livestock trailers. The young horses are not trained to stand in small, enclosed spaces. Mares who have stood on the PMU line will be trained to stand in tie stalls but may not like the enclosed part so please think of your horses mental comfort.   
~ Shipping arrangements will be the responsibility of the said purchaser. Your horse must be picked up within 6 weeks of Purchase Contract date. If horse is not picked up within this reasonable time frame, Purchaser will be responsible for board at a rate of $4/day until the horse is picked up.
~ Prism Horses accepts no responsibility or liability for the acts of any hauler selected and contracted by Purchaser and the inclusion of the names and contact information of haulers either on the Prism Yahoo Board or the Prism website or in private correspondence with Purchaser does NOT constitute any form of endorsement or recommendation by Prism Horses, or it’s agents.
~ If Purchaser’s hauler does not pick up horse by the date indicated, the Seller/Ranch noted in this contract is authorized to charge Purchaser board at a rate of $4.00 per day, per horse, until the date of pick up. Board must be fully paid prior to release of the horse by Ranch.
~ After 60 days from the date of this contract, if the horse has not been picked up by the Purchaser or Purchaser’s contracted hauler, the horse will be considered abandoned. And Purchaser will forfeit all rights to horse and forfeit all monies paid. 
~ Abandoned horses will be posted as available on Prism Horses website for either their incurred expenses or Purchase Price. Prism Horses reserves the right to determine price of abandoned horses.
~  Original Purchase Contract will be null and void after 60 days from the above date. NO REFUNDS of deposit or purchase price will be made, for any reason.
~  Prism Horses retains the right to revoke the sale/contract prior to shipping of horse.
~ Horses are listed in terms set forth by the Seller/Ranch. Prism Horses offers no guarantees of soundness, condition, pregnancy, health, temperament, or fitness for any particular purpose, now or in the future.
~ Switching horse choice, after the Purchase Contract has been done, will incur a $100 charge.
~~ If for some reason, your foal/horse choice is injured or dies before it is picked up by you or your transportation company, your money will be refunded. Or you may choose another foal/horse. When your foal/horse is picked up, it’s health and care becomes the buyers responsibility.   
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